Sinadya sa Halaran Festival

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Sinadya Sa Halaran

Roxas City Sinadya sa Halaran Beauty Pageant 2010
Roxas City Sinadya sa Halaran Beauty Pageant 2010

The Sinadya sa Halaran Festival is celebrated the first week of December in commemoration of the founding of the city followed by the Diwal Festival signifying the city's importance as the country's "Seafood Capital" along with the Aswang Festival that symbolizes the heritage of myth and folklore in the province.

There used to be two separate festivals, the Halaran ("Offering") and the Sinadya ("Celebration"), the former is celebrated by the Province of Capiz and the latter by the City of Roxas. The Sinadya was formerly held at the same time as the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, which was celebrated by the Immaculate Conception Metropolitan Cathedral. The Halaran was usually held by the last week of October each year (A prelude to All Souls Day and All Saints Day festivals). However, because of the costs of holding two separate festivals year, the two festivals were merged, with both the Province of Capiz and the City of Roxas contributing to the expenses.