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A monument in Manila which was built in 1871 to honor Simón de Anda (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Judge Florentino Floro)

Simón de Anda y Salazar (28 October 1701-30 October 1776) was the Governor-General of the Philippines from July 1770 to 30 October 1776.[1] He was prominent for leading the Spanish resistance against the British after Manila was captured in 1762.[2]


Anda was born in Subijana, Basque Country in Spain[3] on 28 October 1701. He was a judge of the Real Audiencia of Manila and was appointed as lieutenant-governor of the city of Manila.[4]

After the Occupation of Manila, he departed the city on 5 October 1762 and led the Spanish forces in Bulacan against the British forces.[5] At that time, acting governor-general Manuel Rojo, was under the custody of the British.[6] He was successful in preventing the British from occupying the areas outside of Manila and Cavite.[7]

He returned to Spain, where he was appointed as councilor of Castile.[8] He eventually returned to the Philippines on 12 April 1768, and was appointed as governor-general in July 1770.[9] During his term, he reformed the army, built public infrastructures, and handled conflicts with the Moros.[10] He opposed the royal decree of 9 November 1774 that ordered the secularization of parishes administered by the religious clergy.[11] The decree was eventually annulled after his death on 30 October 1776.[12]


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