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Seventeen Philippines is a monthly publication under Summit Media. It is the first international edition from Seventeen Magazine in the United States. This publication deals with the readers' problems about growing up and dubs itself as The No. 1 College Life Guide.


Primedia, a prevailing print and media company in the United States, decided to expand Seventeen Magazine, a 56-year-old brand by going international. Its CEO, Tom Rogers coordinated with Summit Media to introduce Seventeen Magazine in a local version which would allow readers to relate to topics much applicable to a Philippine setting that comes at a much affordable price than the US version. On July 15, 2000, the first issue of Seventeen Philippines hit the newsstands.


Seventeen Philippines includes articles that answer questions mostly about growing up. It discusses issues about current trends in fashion, beauty - skincare, hair, and makeup, lifestyle, celebrities, and other topics that fall under the typical Filipina teenage life such as; guides on dating, school-related topics, etc. High-quality photographs are dedicated to giving a bolder statement on what a certain fashion theme should look like, together with some advertisements and a brief article relating to the topic. Another main emphasis of the magazine is to give young Filipinas empowerment to cope up with teenage stress.

Key Personnel

The Seventeen Philippines team include:

  • Mia Fausto-Cruz, Editor-in-Chief
  • Tata Mapa, Associate Editor
  • Mikke Gallardo, Art Director
  • Cindy Go, Fashion and Beauty Editor
  • Irene O. Curtis, Lifestyle Assistant
  • Lyca Puno, Editorial Assistant


According to the Trends Newsstand Survey (TNS) in 2006 under the category of Teens (college), Seventeen Philippines is the preferred choice on urban areas with a 68% lead. And in Metro Manila, a 66% advantage over other magazines in the same category.

Other Media

An online version of the printed magazine may be accessed through It gives the readers easier access to older articles on previously published issues and a closer look at topics published on their current issues. It is also a way to interact with other Seventeen Magazine readers through an online message board called Seventeen Sigaw. This website also serves as a way to reach out to the Seventeen Philippines staff, writers, and editors.