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The Seaman's Wives Association of the Philippines, Inc. (SWAPI) was established in December 30, 1978 in Paranaque, Metro Manila. A group of seamen’s wives led by Dr. Alicia C. Lamigo had been seeing each other as friends and some of them have husbands working in the same vessel. Their sentiments as wives of seamen, their concern with one another, the problems they shared with other seamen’s wives, most especially the degrading treatment they got from the manning agencies when they were made to wait standing outside the offices of the manning agencies for their allotments which were oftentimes delayed led them to organize the SWAPI.


SWAPI is a non-stock organization registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission on March 29, 1979. Its general objective is to meet the social and psychological needs of its members. It aims to unite the wives of seamen nationwide in order to foster understanding, cooperation, and camaraderie among them. It further intends to promote the feeling of true friendship and oneness in times of calamities, like fire, typhoon, flood,and other disasters;and also in sickness and in death that may befall upon any member and of problems related to the seamen’s employment on board foreign vessels.


  • Credit Union - aims to meet the financial needs of the members when their allotment was delayed. It was later upgraded into a Credit Cooperative.
  • Scholarship Program - for less fortunate children whose fathers were no longer hired on foreign vessels because of old age, illness, and accidental death.
  • SWAPI symposia
  • Recollections
  • Regular value-formation seminars
  • Livelihood workshops
  • Free medical-dental clinic
  • Fund-raising activities like bingo socials, raffles and concerts. Proceeds from these projects went to scholarships and seminars.

In 1998, SWAPI had already five chapters, namely: Metro Cebu, Metro Davao, Region VIII Palawan, Marinduque and the National Capital Region. In 1999, all chapters were under a National Office. All chapter presidents have been appointed as Executive Vice Presidents. All chapters elected their officers, planned their own projects and submitted Annual Reports to the National Office in Manila. Since 1999, the National office has been coordinating activities of all chapters according to the guidelines as approved by the General Assembly in 1995.

In the past 25 years, SWAPI has involved itself in national and international conferences on family life. It has also involved itself in government conferences on electoral issues,such as Employment Contract of Filipino Seafarers, Upgrading Courses according to IMO Standard on the White List, and Welfare Benefits of Seafarers and Their Families.


  • Dr. Alice Lammy. National Council of Women in the Philippines.



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