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Sawa sa Lumang Simboryo is originally a komiks serial novel by Amado Yasona in the Mabuhay Komiks in 1950. The story was later adapted into a movie in 1952 that was awarded the very first Best Movie by FAMAS. The komiks story was illustrated by Tony de Zuniga and Hugo Yonzon.


Sawa sa Lumang Simboryo was first serialize in Mabuhay Komiks issue on September 11, 1951, one of Literary Song-Movie Magazine sister publication. The story start featuring the main character, Tulume, with many gold and treasure around him and there is also some snake inside a cave. The story tells that Tulume was a "Tulisan", get all rich, money, gold and other important things in every people in a town with his follower. After having all riches, they go back to the cave and Tulume get all the gold and other treasures inside and talk to his pet snake, named Lingkis, to guard the treasure and kill anybody who will get inside the cave to have the treasures. After that he go outside to get rest with his men. The next day, one of his men said that he cannot go with them because of his Illness, Tulume permitted him to get rest while they were on other place to get many rich. After that, the man get inside the cave and have a plan to get all the treasures but unknown to him, Lingkis is ready to kill him (continue...)


  • Mabuhay Komiks Vol 1.No.1, Manila: Mabuhay Publications, 1950

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