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Santiago! is a 1970 Philippine war drama and action film directed by Lino Brocka and starring Fernando Poe Jr. and Dante Rivero.[1] Set during World War II, the film depicts a weary guerilla, Gonzalo, who withdraws from the battlefield.[2] The film is the second directorial assignment of Brocka following his debut offering "Wanted: Perfect Mother". The film is also the first and only collaboration of Brocka and Poe, and features a rare scene featuring FPJ shedding a tear.[3][4] The film is likewise notable for being the vehicle for Hilda Koronel's acting debut which also brought her her first acting award.[5]


Set in the Philippines during the Japanese occupation, a Filipino soldier, who is guilt-ridden over an incident that killed many civilians, deserts the rebel army and retreats to a nearby barrio where he is branded as a coward.[6]


  • Fernando Poe Jr. as Gonzalo
  • Dante Rivero as Celso
  • Boots Anson-Roa as Lydia
  • Hilda Koronel as Cristina
  • Jay Ilagan as Danilo
  • Caridad Sanchez as Pilar
  • Mary Walter as Andang
  • Ruben Rustia as Capt. Santos
  • Joonee Gamboa as Desto
  • Mario O'Hara as Diego
  • Mildred Ortega as Celso's sister
  • Cecilia Bulaong as Celso's sister
  • Lily Gamboa as Celso's sister
  • Corazon Noble as Celso's mother
  • Marzya Ilagan as Daughter of Makapili
  • Celeste Legaspi as Daughter of Makapili
  • Lorli Villanueva as Villager
  • Angie Ferro as Villager
  • Silvestre Tecson as Villager
  • Ursula Carlos as Villager
  • Rosa Santos as Villager
  • Inday de la Cruz as Villager
  • Tina Lava as Villager
  • Luis Benedicto as Celso's father
  • Pons de Guzman as Makapili
  • Fred Esplana as Japanese/Guerillas
  • Burke Perdiz as Japanese/Guerillas
  • Ely Perez as Japanese/Guerillas
  • Roland Falcis as Japanese/Guerillas
  • SOS Daredevils as Japanese/Guerillas

Awards and nominations

Award-Giving Body Category Recipient Result
1971 FAMAS Awards[7]
Best Supporting Actress Hilda Koronel
Best Picture Santiago!
Best Actor Fernando Poe Jr.
Best Supporting Actor Jay Ilagan

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