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The Sangil is the indigenous group inhabiting Balut Sarangani Island and parts of the coastal areas of South Cotabato and [[Davao del Sur]. Their name is derived from Sanghe, refering to an archipelago in eastern Indonesia located between Sulawesi (Celebes) and Mindanao which pertains to the original home of the Sangil.

In the past the Sangils were among the buccaneers who attacked Spanish held territory in the Visayas and Luzon. The Sangil had been Muslim prior to their arrival in Southern Mindanao. Their migration perhaps was a result of Dutch colonial pressure and increasing Christianization of their homeland (Sangihe Archipelago) starting in the second half of the 18th century.

The Sangil economic activities are mainly fishing and cultivating small quantities of food crops. A few of them engage in boat building of vessels like vintas and pump boats. Sangil language seems to show affinity with Sama language in terms of commonality of vocabularies, similarity of the manner of speaking and the sound of the utterances of words.




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