Sa Ngalan ng Diyos

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Sa Ngalan ng Diyos is a novel penned by Faustino Aguilar published in 1911. Its title plays an irony with the main thesis of the novel, which is the malevolent use of power by the Church.


Carmen is a rich heiress who is in love with Mr. Roland. Some Jesuit priests, however, do everything to separate the two. They influence Carmen and manipulate Carmen's innocence and religious devotion to grab her wealth and property. The priests become successful and Carmen ends up entering a convent and entrusting her inheritance to the Jesuits. A former accessory of the Jesuits, Eladio Resurrecion tries to take revenge on the priests but fails to burn down the convent.


Its focus on the Jesuits makes the novel unique because in other novels, the wealthy friars such as the Dominicans and Augustinians were the ones scrutinized, as with Rizal's Noli Me Tangere. Aguilar's fierce anti-clericalism is said to be rooted in the experiences of his father who was shamed by a priest and accused of being a Mason.

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