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Rotary Anns is a term that is used to affectionally call the wives of male members of Rotary clubs.[1]

Origin of the term

The term "Rotary Ann" is said to have originated in 1914, during which San Francisco Rotarians boarded a special train to attend the Rotary Convention that was being held in Houston in Texas.[2] Among the passengers in the train, there was only one woman who were with them – Mrs. Ann Brunnier, who was the wife of Rotarian Mr. Bru Brunnier.[3] As the train picked up additional passengers who will attend the Convention, Mrs. Brunnier was introduced as the "Rotarian's Ann," which then became "Rotary Ann."[4]

Soon after, a Rotarian wrote a "Rotary Ann" chant.[5] Upon the train's arrival in Houston, a delegation greeted the passengers.[6] One of the greeters was Guy Gundaker, whose wife is also named Ann.[7] Then, someone started the Rotary Ann, which prompted the Rotarians to hoist Mrs. Brunnier and Mrs. Gundaker to their shoulders and paraded them about the hall.[8] Immediately, the term "Rotary Ann" was used to refer to all the wives in attendance in the Convention, and eventually to all the wives of Rotarians.[9]

Use of the term today

The term "Rotary Ann" are still used by some Rotarians today, even if women were eventually allowed to be admitted in Rotary clubs since 1987.[10] However, the terms "Rotary Spouses" or "Rotary Partners" are commonly used today.[11]


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