Rizal sa Dapitan

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Rizal sa Dapitan (also referred to as Rizal in Dapitan) is a biographical drama film depicting the life of the Philippine national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, during his exile in Dapitan. It stars veteran actor Albert Martinez as Jose Rizal. It also focused on his romance with Josephine Bracken, played by Amanda Page. The film was directed by Tikoy Aquiluz and the screenplay was written by Pete Lacaba. Originally released in 1997 by Independent Cinema Association of the Philippines, it was released on DVD by Viva Home Video. The film won numerous accolades at the 1998 FAMAS Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Screenplay.


Albert Martinez as Dr. José Rizal

Amanda Page as Josephine Bracken

Roy Alvarez as Capt. Ricardo Carnicero

Jaime Fabregas as Fr. Franciso de Paula Sanchez

Candy Pangilinan as Maria Rizal

Tess Dumpit as Narcisa Rizal

Rustica Carpio as Teodora Alonso

Noni Buencamino as Pío Valenzuela

Carelle Manuela as Manuela Orlac

Soliman Cruz as Pablo Mercado

Junell Hernando as Jose "Josielito" D. Aseniero (student of Rizal and later governor of Zamboanga del Norte)

Chris Michelena as Fr. Obach

Paul Holmes as George Tauffer


Tikoy Aguiluz - Director, Producer

Jose F. Lacaba - Screenwriter

Albert Rima - Sound/Sound Designer

Jimmy Fabregas - Composer (Music Score)

Judy Lou de Pio - Production Designer

Mirana Medina-Bhunjun - Editor

Nap Jamir - Cinematographer

Neila Villaflores - First Assistant Director

Paeng de Peralta - Co-producer

Presly Ruiz - Production Designer

Romeo Vitug - Cinematographer

Tess Dumpit – Casting