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Ratagnon is one of the eight indigenous groups of Mangyan settling in the southernmost tip of Occidental Mindoro and the Mindoro Islands along the Sulu Sea. Today only around 2 to 5 people constitute the group. Ratagnon language is nearly extinct. They are also called Datagnon or Latagnon.The Ratagnon of Occidental Mindoro has an estimated population of 17,562 scattered in around 200 Ratagnon settlements (OSCC, IV, 1993).

Like all the other Mangyan communities, the Ratagnons are engaged in swidden agriculture. Their villages are not formally developed. Four to five houses per settlement are located apart from each other. A typical Ratagnon house is made mostly of wood, bamboo, and nipa.

Some of the male members of Most of the Ratagnons still wear their traditional dress. Men uses loincloth as a lower garment, while women wear woven cotton used as wrap-around matched with an upper garment made of handwoven nito just enough to cover the breasts.