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Quintin Paredes (September 9, 1884 – January 30, 1973) was born in Bangued, Abra to parents Juan Felix Paredes and Regina Babila. His outstanding service in Abra allowed him to be elected as a representative of Abra. Coupled with distinguished positions during the American occupation, he eventually had a solid platform with which to launch himself in the senatorial election of 1949. He won the election again in 1955 and was able to rise to the ranks of Senate President.

Political career

His stint as the Senate President was the height of his career. However, Paredes also experienced a number of conflicts during his public service work. In particularly, he was charged with treason and collaboration with the Japanese invaders, but was eventually pardoned and granted amnesty during Manuel Roxas’ term. He also worked under President Laurel’s Cabinet, as the Minister of Public Works and Communication. Paredes was also able to practice law in the United States Supreme Court and was elected as the Majority Floor Leader during his stint as a representative of Abra.


Paredes’ elementary education was taken in a school which his family established. He also studied in the Colegio Seminario de Vigan, before transferring to the Colegio de San Juan de Letran. To become a lawyer, he studied in the Escuela de Leyes. He practiced law in private until an opportunity to become the Deputy Fiscal of First Assistant City Fiscal presented itself. His outstanding work in office allowed him to become a member of the Bureau of Justice.

Other positions

Before becoming the Senate President, Paredes held a variety of positions which included work as the first prosecuting attorney in manila, professor and eventually dean of the Escuela de Derecho law school, solicitor general, attorney general, and secretary of justice from 1920 to 1921. He was also tasked in a parliamentary mission bound for the United States, before eventually resuming practice in law.




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