Puso ng Isang Kolehiala

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Puso ng Isang Kolehiala, written on 1923, was a Tagalog novel written by Jesus C. Olega that talks about a college girl and the effect of too much firmness of the parents to their children.


"The disastrous effect of too much parental intervention in the affairs of the heart of their children is a popular preoccupation in a number of novels. Dalisay is a colegiala and she is smitten with Pepe, a writer. But Dalisay ' s parents dislike Pepe. Despite her parents ' objections, Dalisay chooses to give herself to Pepe because she loves him very deeply. However, when Dalisay discovers that she is pregnant, she refuses to face the situation squarely. Instead, she commits suicide because she cannot bear the thought of being made the object of ridicule by society as an unwed mother. The novel ends with the distraught Pepe offering a garland of flowers at the tomb of the unfortunate Dalisay."




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