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Punyal na Ginto was a novel published in 1933, authored by Antonio Sempio. It talks about lovers who came from different walks of life; where the girl is poor and the boy is rich. Dalisay is the love of Dante 's life but Don Sergio, Dante's father, does not approve of their relationship. Don Sergio even bribed Dalisay to make her stay away from his son but the girl did not heed the request. The father eventually did something to make the couple split. Dante did not know that Dalisay was pregnant with his child. Dalisay escapes to Lucban and gives birth there. Don Sergio, more angered with the knowledge of his son's child to a poor girl, asked his people to burn down Dalisay's house. Dalisay asked for help from Don Sergio but was not given any and was even convicted for the crime that the Don himself committed. After serving for several years in jail, Dalisay is released and finds help from the matron of a bar called Temple of Venus, where Don Sergio is a frequent customer. There, Dalisay finds an opportunity to seek revenge but she did not succeed and was again put to jail. When Dalisay was temporarily released from jail, she returned to her barrio with a severe illness and lost sanity that eventually led to her death. When Dante came back, it was too late and all that was left for him was the story of how life had ended for the woman he loved.



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