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A Punong Barangay, also known as a Barangay Captain is a government official elected by registered voters in the Philippines. They and their respective councils, constituted of seven barangay kagawads (barangay councilors) are designated to head barangays (counties), the smallest political units in the country.

Duties and Obligations

A punong barangay is responsible for implementing all ordinances, resolutions and laws in the barangay. They are in charge of governance, financial stability, development provisioning, leading the barangay legislation or workforce and ensuring peace and order within the community.

A barangay captain also acts as liaison between his community's people and higher government officials such as city or municipality mayors and province governors. They control all meetings and assemblies with the barangay officials, help with the mayor's government obligations and facilitate all basic services in accordance with the law.

Barangay captains have the power to appoint and remove barangay officials. They organize community programs, facilitate fund-raising activities and promote the welfare of their community. They make sure that everyone is orchestrated towards the improvement and the betterment of the barangay, their properties, cleanliness and orderliness.


Candidates for punong barangay must be eighteen years of age, bona fide citizens of the Philippines and have at least six months' residency in the concerned barangay prior to the election. They must also be literate, have no criminal records, be mentally fit and knowledgeable of the Philippine law. All individuals who have been declared insane or have been sentenced for corruption, rebellion or have received any sanction of more than eighteen months will be automatically disqualified.




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