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Pulse Asia Research, Inc. is a public opinion polling body in the Philippines. It was launched in 1999 by professional academics recognized as experts in their respective fields of study. It monitors salient socioeconomic, political and cultural issues in the minds of the Filipino public.


According to its corporate profile, Pulse Asia sees the public pulse as a key ingredient in a democracy. It committed itself to the advancement of professional polling by Filipinos within the country, as well as in other parts of Asia. It uses prudence and academic rigor to explore innovations in the gathering, use and analysis of social data. It also probes new or under-explored areas of study, which bear significant relevance or interest to the public.

Pulse Asia has academic independence and has a professional team of high caliber. It initiates its own research studies based on a regular monitoring of prominent public concerns at a national, regional, local or sectoral level. It also solicits third-party sponsorship of or subscription to its research products and may also undertake specific surveys at the request of interested parties, but it will not undertake proprietary surveys where the client retains the exclusive right to the survey findings and withholds them from the public domain indefinitely. All Pulse Asia surveys are made available to the general public within a year from the time they are released to a client.

Pulse Asia endeavors at all times to serve the public interest in democratic governance by undertaking studies on social, economic, political and comprehensive policy issues and by making available to the widest audience the findings, analyses and policy recommendations of its independent, non-partisan and academic probes. In doing so, the company has these commitments: (1) All work done by Pulse Asia shall meet at least the generally accepted standards demanded of quality academic output; (2) Believing in the urgent necessity to facilitate the public's access to information, all studies done by the company shall automatically become public domain material within one year after their completion; and (3) Pulse Asia shall provide for a system of equitable access to information by materially assisting parties or individuals that are unable to adequately finance their demonstrably critical information needs.


  • Conduct quarterly Ulat ng Bayan (People’s Report) national survey.
  • Conduct periodic national and local pre- and post- (exit) election posts.
  • Social science research on significant political, economic, and social issues using quantitative and quality methods.

Board of Directors

  • Chairperson: Dr. Emmanuel S. de Dios

Members of the Board of Trustees

  • Mrs. Mercedes R. Abad
  • Dr. Ma. Cynthia Rose-Banzon-Bautista
  • Dr. Ronald D. Holmes (President)
  • Dr. Ana Maria L. Tabunda (Treasurer)


  • President – Dr. Ronald D. Holmes
  • Research Director – Dr. Ana Maria L. Tabunda
  • Associate Research Director – Dr. Pia Bennagen Raquedan
  • Programs Head – Ms. Liza Samson Reyes
  • Head Statistician – Ms. Shiela Marie A. Billones
  • Marketing Head – Dr. Enrico C. Osi
  • Finance Coordinator – Ms. Virginia D. Gutierrez


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