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The 2022 Philippine General Elections will take place on 9 May 2022 for the national and local government positions, both in the legislative and executive branches, with the exception of barangay officials. The national positions will involve the election for successors to the incumbent president Rodrigo Duterte and vice president, Leni Robredo. Election will also take place for other executive and legislative positions, such as in the congressional (Senate and House of Representatives), provincial (governors, vice mayor, board members), city and municipal levels (mayors, vice mayors, councillors). The election is supposed to include the 80 seats in the Bangsamoro Parliament of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (BARMM), but it was rescheduled to 2025.

Presidential Election

The 2022 presidential election will be the 17th direct presidential election. Incumbent president Rodrigo Duterte is ineligible for re-election as he is limited to a single term, under the 1987 Philippine Constitution. A total of 97 aspirants have filed their certificate of candidacies (COCs), until the last day of filing on 8 October 2021, but some are likely to be eliminated as nuisance candidacies by the Commission on Elections (COMELEC). The candidate with the highest number of votes wins the presidency. If two or more candidates get the most votes for the position, the Congress shall vote among them which shall be the winner. The winner will serve a six-year term from 20 June 2022 until the same day six years later.


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CNN Philippines’ The latest in the 2022 elections | Politics as Usual



It seems like only yesterday when we pushed our way through the frantic crowd, endured the exacting lines to vote, and ultimately put the essence of our democracy into action. It was 2019, and much has happened since then. Whether we revel in the changes that we believe have occurred or beat our chest for having voted for the wrong people—all the “what ifs” are in the past now. Come 2022, the future will be waving once again. The choice, as well as the consequences that inevitably come with it, is still ours to make.

And thus we from Wikipilipinas deemed it pertinent to present you HALALAN 2022, another special portal that provides you with information relevant to the forthcoming election—in the hope to help you make an informed decision as you choose our leaders. This portal is not a battleground for fanatics or an avenue for propaganda; neither is this a mouthpiece of any political entities. The content of the portal—in the form of articles, biographies, statistics, data, figures— were carefully researched and written by our editorial team and contributors, using only established and reliable sources that can be verified. While the portal does not claim to be categorically free from perceived unbalanced coverage due to the availability of information, we strive to present the information according to their respective importance.

Feel free to navigate the portal and read the articles. Shield yourself from misinformation and fake news.


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