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The COVID-19 Handbook of Care

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THE WORLD HAS NEVER BEFORE EXPERIENCED a pandemic developing on an epic scale such as that unleashed by a new type of virus, which is more technically known as the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) and causes the coronavirus disease called COVID-19. The disease has spread worldwide at an alarming rate, infecting over 200,000 people across 181 countries and spreading rapidly with more infections occurring outside of China.

First reported by Chinese hospitals in early December 2019 in Hubei province, China, the disease quickly spread and within days had infected hundreds of people. In its early stages, up to 140 cases of infection were reported daily. Soon, thousands more were infected, which prompted government authorities to lock down Hubei’s capital and transportation hub Wuhan as well as other surrounding cities on 23 January.


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This portal aims to provide you with up-to-date information on one of the most devastating health crises that have wreaked havoc on communities all over the world—the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on The COVID-19 Handbook of Care prepared by the Vibal editorial staff, the portal provides you with research-based figures, at-a-glance summaries, and situation reports to better guide you in your quest to seek easy-to-digest information about the pandemic.

Since reported in 2019, the amount of disseminated information about the coronavirus—factual or otherwise—has been unprecedented, turning many websites into unwitting (or willing) sources of fake news and misinformation. We from Wikipilipinas deemed it our responsibility to provide you with accurate and verified scientific and useful information that can help protect yourself, your loved ones, the community, and the country. Feel free to share this information with other people and help our communities heal our nation.

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