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Outline for Science and Technology

Science, defined simply, is the systematized body of knowledge obtained through verifiable means. Fields of science are commonly classified into two major categories: the natural sciences, which cover natural phenomena, and the social sciences, which study human behavior and societies. These fields are further divided into pure science or applied science. Pure science includes the discovery of new truths with little account on their applications. Applied science is involved with the application of existing truths in new and practical means.

In this portal, WikiPilipinas aims to educate and familiarize Filipinos with all the scientific knowledge in the Philippines, from the important discoveries to the people behind them. This outline of topics has been provided by WikiPilipinas' team of editors to guide readers and contributors, to reach the aim of creating an authoritative and comprehensive discussion on Philippine science.

NOTE: When creating articles, please make use of the proper categories provided by the editors in this outline. Use the discussion page for any suggestion, concern or inquiry.

Philippine biodiversity and ecology

Scientific community in the Philippines

Science education in the Philippines

Events related to science

Health in the Philippines

Technology in the Philippines

  • Biotechnology
    • Advances in agriculture
    • Advances in medicine
  • Computer science
    • Information technology
      • Semiconductor manufacturing companies
      • Internet
      • Computer gaming
    • Transportation
      • Cars
      • Locomotives
      • Aviation
    • Robotics and electronics
      • Mobile communication
      • Digital photography