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Portal on Philippine Education
Filipinos are among the best educated, most literate and highly trainable citizens in Asia. They have a deep regard for education, considering it a primary avenue for upward social and economic mobility. Inspired by this, the Philippine Education Encyclopedia was created through E-turo in collaboration with WikiPilipinas to provide a free e-learning portal where Filipino teachers and learners can interact for effective teaching and learning. E-turo contains a library of educational materials which users can download, share, modify and print.

WikiPilipinas is inviting every Filipino to enrich this portal, further instilling the importance of , knowledge, information, and skill development. The portal will eventually serve as a guide for educators and aid in uplifting the level of Philippine education. If you want to help, please register and be part of the growing community volunteers in WikiPilipinas.

History of the Philippine Education System

Philippine Educational Agencies

Education Level in the Philippines

Education by sector in the Philippines

Public education ; Private education

Instruction in the Philippines

Alternative education

  • Homeschooling
  • Distance education
  • Religious education
  • Gifted and Talented education
    • Acceleration
  • Hobby (chess, go, sudoku, studying languages, reading and writing, solving puzzles, art, crafts, music, dance, theater, sport, etc.)


  • Basic Education
    • National Elementary School Curriculum (1984-2002)
    • New Secondary Education Curriculum (1991-2002)
    • 2002 Basic Education Curriculum
      • Philippine Elementary Learning Competencies (PELC)
      • Philippine Secondary Learning Competencies (PSLC)
  • Higher Education
    • Curriculum by Degree Programs

Academic Institutions



Instructional Materials

Professional Development of Teachers

  • Professional Teachers Organizations
  • Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, In-Service Trainings
  • Scholarships, Fellowships, Study Grants

Laws on Education