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Portal on Philippine People and Society

Wikipilipinas is building the Portal on People and Society to provide a comprehensive scope of knowledge on Philippine society. Our pool of editors are presenting this content outline as we build the best of what Wikipilipinas can offer for the Filipino people. These are the major topics divided into several categories to showcase a polished result of the collaborative efforts that we can start within Wikipilipinas. This content outline will undergo a thorough review process to meet the highest standards and requirements of the Wikipilipinas community.

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Ethnolinguistic Groups

  • Demographics
  • Regional Statistics
  • Indigenous People
  • Philippine Languages
    • Languages in Luzon
    • Languages in Visayas
    • Languages in Mindanao
  • Urbanized People
  • Migration Patterns

Filipino Psyche and Social Norms

  • Filipino Core Values
  • Patterns of Social Organization
  • Distinctive Filipino Practices

Philippine Personalities

  • Philippine Socialites
  • Filipino Firsts
  • Prominent Philippine Families
  • Philippine Philanthropists
  • Lists of People (by area of specialization/occupation)


  • Formal Education
    • Elementary Schools
    • High Schools
    • Colleges and Universities
  • Non-Formal Education
    • Vocational Schools
    • Technical Schools
  • Secular Schools
  • Specialized Schools (law, music, dance, culinary, nursing, Chinese schools, SPED, etc.)
  • Top 20 Universities
  • Centers for Excellence Colleges and Universities
  • Universities with Unique Courses
  • Leading Courses in the Philippines
  • Scholarships (Private and Public)
  • Educational Agencies
  • Recent Developments in Philippine Educational System
  • Philippine Scholars
  • Prominent Filipino Educators
  • Outstanding Filipino Students
  • Outstanding Filipino Teachers


  • Philippine Medical Institutions
  • List of Philippine Hospitals
  • List of Clinics
  • List of Spa and Wellness Centers
  • Top Hospitals in the Philippines
  • Government and Private Health Agencies
  • Alternative and Natural Medicine and Practices
  • Medical Organizations and Societies (National and International)
  • Prominent Philippine Medical Practitioners
  • Top 10 Beauty Doctors

Social Deviances

  • Types of Social Deviance in the Philippines
  • Notorious and Infamous Criminals
  • National Anti-Crime Programs
  • Crime Statistics (by year and region)
  • Law Enforcement in the Philippines
    • Prisons
    • Correctional Institutions
    • Rehabilitation Centers


  • Librarians
  • Women Achievers
  • TOYM Awardees
  • Linguists
  • Magsaysay Awardees
  • National Artists
  • Palanca Awardees
  • Scholars
  • Licensure Examination Topnotchers
  • Fashion industry


  • Cooperatives
  • People's Organizations
  • Civic Organizations
  • Developmental Organizations
  • Women's Organizations
  • Gay, Lesbian, Transexual, Transgender, Bisexual Organizations
  • Charitable Institutions
  • Student Organizations/Clubs

Social Events

  • Major Philippine Beauty Pageants
  • Festivals and Fiestas
  • Popular Weddings
  • Awards and Ceremonies
  • Book Fairs
  • Auctions
  • Gallery Exhibits
  • Concerts