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Pio del Pilar (b. 11 July 1865 - d. 21 June 1931) a national hero of the Philippines, born in Culi-Culi, Makati, Rizal. His real name was Pio Isidro, forced to adopt his fathers middle name to avoid arrest during the revolution.

Life of a Hero

In 1896, he joined the Katipunan in Culi-Culi that was called Matagumpay and was given the the name of Pang-una with the rank of Colonel. He designed a war flag for their Katipunan chapter which was a blood-red flag and a white triangle with the capital "K" in each angle, and in the middle a half sun with seven rays. On 9 November 1896, he was the leader of the rebels that defended Binakayan, Bacoor and Las Pinas and was able to capture Spanish authorities, that earned him the rank of Brigadier-General. He was appointed the army corps commander by Andres Bonifacio, and when the supremo died he joined Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo forces and became one of the trusted generals. During the Philippine-American war, he led the guerilla attecks on the provinces of Bulacan, Nueva Ecija and Rizal, but his men were capured in Morong. In 1901, he was exiled in Guam, after a year he was grated amnesty by the Americans. Culi-Culi, was renamed after him and a statue was built in his honor in Ayala Avenue in Makati.


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