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The Philippine Society of Hypertension (PSH) is an organization that focuses on the study and treatment of hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. They are devoted in educating physicians and other health professionals about new research findings and treatment options of controlling high blood pressure including the risk of cardiovascular and kidney disease and stroke.

PSH is active in promoting awareness and disseminating information about hypertension and other related heart & blood vessel diseases through the tri-media. It also conducts classes on how to measure the blood pressure properly for health professionals as well as lay groups. The Philippine Society of Hypertension has established a program to designate a number of physicians as Hypertension Specialists. The hypertension specialists are physicians with specialized expertise and knowledge in the management of hypertension and related cardiovascular disorders.

Mission and Vision

The Philippine Society of Hypertension's primary mission is to prevent and control hypertension in the Philippines, driven with a vision of a possible and progressive decline in hypertension prevalence, risks and complications through multi disciplinary action.


Life is God's gift to everyone, its our profession's meaning. All our mother values gain meaning only in our commitment to enhance, extend and save life.

Integrity. Ethics govern our practice of medicine. Integrity is the priceless element of our work and advocacy. Sincerity and fairness rule the way we relate with our fellowmen. We try always to present views that are balanced and based on evidence. We honor our commitments and we mean what we say.

Family. Our practice of medicine is a family affair. Our mentors, peers, associates, healthcare partners and patients are family whom we regard with respect and support one another as we pursue. The most cost-effective ways to prevent and control hypertension. Our care is not limited to individual patients only but extends to family and community.

Care and Compassion. Healthcare is a patient's right. Everyone is entitled to adequate healthcare. This compels us to serve above personal and material gains whoever the patient is, whether needed and in whatever condition. Happiness to us is the smiles of patients and their families.




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