Philippine Short Stories: 1941-1955

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Philippine Short Stories: 1941-1955 by Leopoldo Y. Yabes is a collection that contains more than twice as many stories as the first volume came out in 1975. This could answer to the believers to be nationalistic one must write in Pilipino. It was published in University of the Philippines Press in 1981.

About the Book

The present anthology, Philippine Short Stories: 1941-1955, is a sequel to Philippine Short Stories: 1925-1940, which came out in 1975. As in the first volume, it contains stories originally written in English by Filipinos, and all published originally, with one exception, in Philippine periodicals during the period 1941-1955...

The fifteen-year period covered by this anthology constitutes a most critical era in the history of the nation - war and Japanese occupation, restoration of the Commonwealth government in Manila, proclamation of independence, birth of the Republic, euphoria and disenchantment. The stories deal with various aspects of Philippine life all over the archipelago...

Written exclusively by Filipinos, the stories reflect the ability of the Filipinos in using a foreign language as a literary medium, after four decades from the introduction of English into the school system in 1901. It is claimed by competent critics that by 1955, the achievement in the Filipino short story in English had been more distinguished than the achievement in the Filipino short story in Spanish, in Tagalog, or in any other native language. It is further claimed that the present collection is more truly national than any similar anthology that could be collected of stories originally written in Pilipino or in any other native language or in Spanish. This collection has a wider geographical, ethnic, or social range than any other anthology.


Philippine Short Stories: 1941-1955. Quezon City: University of the Philippines Press, 1981.



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