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Pop culture is short for popular culture. It refers to products that are generally recognized and enjoyed by the majority of the people. They are most often trendy, representing or playing upon current interests while at the same time building upon previous working formulas. Their popularity may not last but their influence is quite strong while they are popular.

Pop culture has visual, auditory, technological, and gustatory aspects. Usually media influences play a large role in the popularizing of these aspects of culture. Its consumers are the general public, the masa (masses) and the bakya (uncultured). In the Philippines these people comprise 95 percent of the population, so Philippine culture is actually dominated by pop.

Many of the elite see pop culture as lowbrow and look down on it. Love of pop culture is often stereotyped as a sign of poor taste and cheapness but in fact, within the general category of pop culture there are still degrees of quality. There are types of pop culture that are so much a part of Philippine life that all Filipinos have an attachment to these; there are those loved by particular groups, such as hip-hop or rock; there are those that seem lacking in value and quality but attract the uneducated.

Philippine pop culture is easily recognized. Pinoy pop culture is an urban phenomenon. Often imitative, it is a fusion of folk, ethnic, foreign, and the masa. Most of all it is about the Pinoys.


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