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The Philippine Physical Therapy Association, Inc. is an organization of Filipino physical therapists that aims to serve the betterment of the delivery of physical therapy services in the Philippines by advancing the cause of the profession. It is a member of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy and the Asian Confederation of Physical Therapy.


The organization stands with their missions, they enumerate it as:

  • To serve as a vehicle for professional development of Physical therapists practicing in the Philippines through the provision of continuing education activities, facilitation of access to international publications, dissemination and utilization of research and development pertinent to physical therapy.
  • To develop and maintain excellent standards of physical therapy in the Philippines.
  • To serve as a proactive channel for Filipino physical therapists in local and international policy-making with the view of defining the physical profession.
  • To enhance interaction between Filipino physical therapists and other providers of health care services.
  • To enhance the role of physical therapy in the Philippine setting through public education.


The organization is conducting annual conventions, seminars and workshops. Aside from that they also pusher the establishment of Special Interests Groups (SIGs) and the publication of its official journal-magazine, the Impetus.


The Impetus is the official publication of the PPTA that intends to promote physical therapy as an important profession. There were fore news, issues, scientific studies and features that matters to the members of the organization and that appeals to their interest. This is published bi-annually, in March and September.


The PPTA had established close linkages with various local organization and companies like the following:




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