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The Philippine Federation of Chemistry Societies, founded in 1988, is an umbrella organization for the five chemistry societies in the Philippines, these are the Kapisanan ng Kimika ng Pilipinas, Integrated Chemists of the Philippines, Organic Chemistry Teachers Association, Philippine Association of Chemistry Teachers, and the Philippine Association of Chemistry Students. Through thses five member organization, the PFCS is able to reach and provide services to professional chemists, chemical technicians, educators, students and professionals in the allied disciplines.

Vision and Mission

The organization envision itself to be a "cohesive and proactive organization for the promotion, advancement, and application of science and technology that is responsive to the needs of society." Along with this vivion is their mission that supports their aims. These are the following vision, as the organization enumerates them:

  • To be an effective agent for the appreciation and popularization of chemistry.
  • Advocacy in national issues and concerns involving the chemical sciences.
  • The promotion of excellence in chemical research.
  • The improvement of competence in chemistry.
  • The protection of the interest of the chemistry profession.

Organizational Structure

The PFCs is an organization governed by a Board of Directors which is composed of fifteen representatives from the five member organization. Each member of the society annually designates three of its board members including its president as a representative to the board of directors. The PFCS board elects a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and auditor for a one year term.

Activities and Projects

Here are some of the activities of the PFCS:

  • Organizes the annual Philippine Chemistry Congress.
  • Chemistry Week, which is celebrated on the third week of February every year.
  • Financial support for the publication of Kimika, the official research journal of KKP.
  • Provides permanent office space and support staff to member organizations.
  • Publishes the Philippine Chemistry News, the newsletter which contains updates of the activities of the member societies as well as articles on current issues.




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