Philippine Environmental Mutagen Society, Inc.

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The Philippine Environmental Mutagen Society, Inc. is an organization that aims to further enhance the study in Environmental mutagen. It is also established to support the exchange of knowledge by the professionals members of the organization that could open a deeper understanding about their subject matter.


The organization had set a number of objectives as their guidelines regarding the moves that thery will take in steering the organization. One is to promote the advancement of knowledge in Environmental Mutagenesis and related fields through, encouraging research and education on mutagens and related substances in the environment and the establishment and promotion of communication and interchange of professional knowledge among members of the organization and to those related societies. Another is to actively participate in the dissemination of information on environment mutagens and related substances. And lastly, to establish means where knowledge about mutagens and related substances in the environment can be utilized for the improvement of the socio-economic and health condition in the Philippines.


Here were the first eleven directors of the organization:

  • Clara Y. Lim-Sylianco
  • Ruben C. Umaly
  • Lourdes V. Mantaring
  • Consuelo A. Buenvenida
  • Florencio-Isagani Medina III
  • Ma. Lourdes C. Brion
  • Serenidad M. Karunungan
  • Enriqueta A. Banzon
  • Gloria C. Bernas
  • Angelita G. Reyes
  • Pilar G. Anglo




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