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The Philippine Breast Cancer Network (PBCN) is a non-government organization that spreads breast cancer awareness in the Philippines. It was founded by Rosa Francia-Meneses on August 28, 1997 shorly after she attended the 1st World Conference on Breast Cancer in Ontario, Canada. The members of the organization are enjoined to provide communication, support and information to Filipinos who have breast cancer or are at risk of getting afflicted.


PBCN aims to to put an end to breast cancer through action and policy initiatives that support the replacement of mammography with safer and more reliable methods. They are pushing for the development of non-toxic and non-invasive treatments and the elimination of preventable causes including those in the environment. The network is also working towards creating an affordable health care and accessible information resource center for breast cancer victims.


  • To sustain a national network of breast cancer victims, fighters, action groups, concerned individuals and supportive entities;
  • To engage in massive education and awareness of the causes, prevention and treatment of breast cancer;
  • To provide communication for information and awareness about breast cancer as a major environmental issue;
  • To help Filipinos afflicted with breast cancer by developing support systems that meet their unique needs;
  • To work and lobby for legislative agenda for the prevention and eradication of breast cancer; and
  • To promote openness and accountability in breast cancer research.


  • Breast Cancer Resource Center
  • Project BRCA - an intensive training course for breast cancer activists
  • Orientations on breast cancer - detection and and treatment options
  • Wellness Program at the Tiaong Breast Haven
  • Symposiums on breast cancer and the environment
  • Formation of Breast Cancer Action Groups
  • "Ang Hinaharap" - PBCN's newsletter
  • Internet communications


  • The first organization in the Philippines that focused mainly on the awareness and prevention of breast cancer
  • The PBCN convened three Philippine Conferences on Breast Cancer in 1998, 1999 and 2000, all held at Miriam College in Loyola Heights, Quezon City
  • The PBCN has played significant roles in five World Conferences on Breast Cancer
  • The PBCN has participated in various capacities abroad
  • The PBCN created national awareness & made breast cancer a public issue
  • On September 23rd, 2002 the Tiaong Breast Haven was inaugurated, the country's first and only recovery center for breast cancer fighters.
  • The PBCN has conducted more than 70 Breast Cancer Prevention symposiums nationwide attended by more than 4,109 women who are not yet afflicted.
  • The PBCN has given more than 350 women an alternative to mammography by referring them for Thermal Breast Imaging, a very safe and more reliable diagnostic procedure.
  • The PBCN has guided more than 500 women in pursuing non-toxic and non-invasive approaches to their ailment.
  • The PBCN has conducted eleven (11) Project BRCA training courses with a total of 145 graduates from all over the country. All were held at the Tiaong Breast Haven except for two in Zamboanga City and in Bago City, Negros Occidental.


PBCN solicits the support of groups and individuals all over the country and the entire world, who would be generous enough to supplement its funds. The organization aims to reconcile the need to ensure the long-term financial health and longevity of the organization with the desire to avoid potentially real or perceived conflicts of interest related to government and corporate giving. So as not to compromise their advocacy, PBCN does not accept funding from politicians or pharmaceutical and chemical industries.




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