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The blogging bug has truly bitten the Filipinos and everyday, new Pinoy bloggers are entering the blogosphere. Philippine Blog Sites is a compilation of Pinoy Blogs, be it about celebrities, technology, food, travel or anything and everything and under the sun. This is the the place and the chance to boast of what you have.

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  • Activism 102 - An activist's journal about his personal and work lives, his observations and views about current events and development issues, including agrarian reform, rural development, democratization, environment, and ICT. The blog also contains tips and howtos in the use of free and open source softwares.
  • Animatech
  • ASEAN - Asia's Perfect 10 - A group blog dedicated to sharing culture and history of the region with one another; the ASEAN enthusiasm - One Vision, One Identity, One Community
  • ASEAN Citizens
  • Ang Ganda ni Wanda
  • Alonan: Web Tutorials - The daily journal of a web techie and programming freak, Alonan, on programming, the internet, technology, politics, travels and the Philippines
  • Anime, As Always. - JP Angeles' Anime Blog
  • Aro Pangasinan! - This blog is all about the things you love about Pangasinan! It is a virtual chronicle of the grandeur of Pangasinan- the province, the municipalities and cities that comprise it, landmarks and tourist spots, the rich cultural heritage, the language, the arts and music, the food, the fiestas and activities, and especially the people. It is also a venue where Pangasinenses and "kaluyagans" around the world could come together and share their views and love for Pangasinan.
  • Asianovela - Community site for Asianovela Fans. Asianovela is a popular slang in the Philippines for dubbed South Korean, Japanese and Chinese/Taiwanese TV series. The term Asianovela was the common word for Asian TV dramas.


  • Bakla Ako, May Reklamo? (I'm Gay, Got a Problem With That?)
  • BlogTalasan ng Katwiran - Isang blog para sa patalasan ng isip at palitan ng katwiran (Continuing the tradition of excellence in Philippine culture and entertainment by keeping the spirit of the Balagtasan alive and relevant through a lively exchange of poetic arguments in the virtual arena of the World Wide Web.)
  • Blackboard - Blackboard is conceptualized as a venue where the author can share his insights and at the same time acquire knowledge from others through intellectual discussions
  • Blue Pencil Chronicles



  • David Gonzales
  • Dennis Rito's Blog- Dennis talks about Photography and everything in between.
  • Dennis Villegas
  • Delispam - A marketplace for SPAM, not the juicy meat from Hormel but the annoying, unsolicited or undesired bulk electronic messages. And its all for FREE! Get as many as you like! :D




  • G.A. Atienza Online - G.A. Atienza Online
  • Blognet - A blog network for gamers by gamers
  • Greater Good Philippines - Greater Good Philippines tells the stories of Filipino social entrepreneurs, volunteers, philanthropists, and ordinary citizens doing extraordinary things for their community, in hopes of motivating and inspiring others to do the same.



  • [1] - a site that contain topics on how to make money online
  • idioXINEcrasies
  • ICHIGO-BOX.ORG - A site on the fan-girling craze related to Korean pop and Japanese pop
  • Inner Machine - a personal blog site from a Library and Information Science student from the Philippines


  • JalmzAnatomy- This Blog enables the browser to define their own parts using their own words.
  • jalm'z notes- Quotes, jokes, poems, song or any written thoughts!
  • Jalm'z Pix - A compilation of pictures. Images with humors, of science, of nature, of art or any other pictures that attracts my attention and interest. Enjoy viewing my Pix.
  • James Juliano Blog!!!
  • Jef Menguin Seminars- In this blog, Jef shares his reflections about public speaking, customer service, time management, and other people skills--workshops he conducts for companies, schools, and churches. Visit the site and feel free to share the lessons with your friends.
  • Johnny Balbona's Blog!!!
  • Jojo Sardez Online - Technical documentations and programming tips and tutorials by Jojo Sardez.
  • Jojo Sardez Photography - Arts, photos, and prints for sale by Jojo Sardez.






  • One Gene: One Child The Blog of the One Gene: One Child, program of the UPLB Genetics Society. It updates the internet community about the One Gene: One Child program.
  • Overboard The 2009 version of the 2007-born blog Carrot Prince. Simply a continuation of Carrot Prince beginning the first day of 2009.






  • The 24-Hour Mommy - I may make other career plans in the future, but all of them will have to be part-time. I am a proud full-time mommy after all.

My Daily Reflections - Daily reflections from daily bible and bible supplement readings.



  • What's Up Dagupan? - What's Up Dagupan chronicles what's Hip and Hot in Dagupan City. It is a compendium of the news, events, culture, food, arts, language and music of Region I's "Pandaragupan
  • Wild Ideas by Free :: Ideas | Innovations | Inventions-A semi-personal blog about new technology, business ideas, innovations, and inventions. Contribute your own wild ideas!
  • - raredog's chronicle - A personal blog of a rider name Geri (a.k.a raredog). Sharing his rants and raves, jokes, techie stuffs, videos, photos, blogging, riding, adventures and just about anything under the sun.






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