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Pedro de Sarrio (Soriano) was the acting Governor-General of the Philippines from 30 October 1776 to July 1778, and from 22 November 1787 to 1 July 1788.[1]


Sarrio was an official in Manila. He was appointed as acting governor-general on 30 October 1776 after the death of Simón de Anda.[2]

During his term, he continued the campaigns against the Moros.[3] He also ordered the cultivation of hemp and flax among the indios on 12 January 1777.[4]

He left his position following the appointment of José Basco as Governor-General in July 1778.[5] He was again appointed as acting Governor-General on 22 November 1787 after Basco asked King Charles III to relieve him of his position became of his conflict with the Real Audiencia.[6] It was also during his term when there was insurrection in Ilocos because of tobacco monopoly in 1787.[7]

He occupied the position until 1 July 1788 following the appointment of Félix Berenguer de Marquina as the new governor-general.[8]


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