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Paulita Gomez is the beautiful woman who is the orphaned niece of Doña Victorina. She has captivated the hearts of the students in the university, most especially that of Isagani.

Character description

Paulita Gomez is a beautiful and flirtatious orphan who knows that every boy in the university admires her. Her self-centered attitude and materialism becomes evident when she marries another man than the one she initially fancied. Although she is attracted to the arts, she is practical in planning her future. She likes to socialize and attend parties and dances.

Role in the novel

Paulita Gomez is the complete opposite of the pure and faithful female protagonist of the story, Juli. Despite her preference for the serious Isagani, she married the rich Juanito Pelaez. Her decision to marry the boy is heavily influenced by her aunt, as he is of Spanish descent and the fact that Isagani had been imprisoned due to allegations of rebellion.

Paulita Gomez was introduced in the novel in Chapter 12 where she enters grandly in a carriage with her queer aunt. In a fair in Quiapo, she charms the crowd again with her beauty despite the fact that her aunt accompanies her and Isagani felt twangs of jealousy. In Chapter 24, Isagani and Paulita's relationship becomes evident as they tell each other their plans. It becomes expected in Chapter 32 that she will marry the mestizo, Juanito, as they complement each other well. In Chapter 34, Basilio realizes that Simoun intends to blow up the former residence of Capitan Tiago where Paulita and Juanito's wedding reception is held. When Basilio informs the melancholic Isagani about the plot, the latter destroys the lamp and disrupting the party.


Paulita Gomez is a caricature of a woman who chooses the best option for a more stable future. She knows what is best for her and would take advantage of her admirers to get what she wants.