Panglima Hassan Revolt

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The Hassan uprising was a rebellion among the Moro people of Jolo during the Moro Rebellion.[1] It was led by a Muslim datu named Datu Hassan the youngest son of the Great Raja Muda Ammang. Panglima Hassan had assembled followers in Jolo's Crater Lake region, preparing to attack Jolo.[2] Leonard Wood led a force of 1,250 soldiers, including Robert L. Bullard's 28th Infantry, in an attack on "Hassan's Palace", the "strongest cotta in the Sulu Archipelago".[2] The Moro's fled and the Americans burned the fort.[2] Hassan surrendered but then escaped,[3] which led Wood to destroy every hostile cotta he encountered, resulting in the death of Datu Andung on Mount Suliman.[2] Although never capturing Hassan, Wood did end up killing 1,500 Moros, which included women and children.[2]

The uprising ended in March 1904, when Hassan and two others were cornered by 400 men under Scott's command at Bud Bagsak.[2] It took 34 gunshots to finally kill Hassan.[2][4] The Moros only had a few rifles and kris blades. The injured Hassan holding a kris in his mouth almost reached an American who was injured.[5] [6][7] [8] It was only a head shot with a .45 caliber which killed Hassan since an American was about get hacked with a barong wielded by Hassan despite being shot 32 times already by Krag rifle bullets.[9]