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Panchito Alba or Panchito (b.1926-d.December 1995) is a popular Filipino comedian and actor. He is the son of Filipina actor, Etang Discher. Alba's characteristic trademark is his large nose.

Actor's profile and legacy to Philippine cinema

Alba started working as an actor for Sampaguita Pictures in 1954. He was often featured in Philippine television and movie shows as partner and comedic foil to Dolphy, who is regarded as the Philippine's "King of Comedy". He became a full-time comedian upon appearing with Dolphy in a 1959 comedy film, Kalabog en Bosyo.

The Dolphy and Panchito tandem became renowned for their humorously fumbling translations of English songs into Tagalog versions, a comedy skit they popularized in the TV series "Buhay Artista" in the 1960's. They also performed this skit together in movies.

This comedic translation of songs became a popular genre among succeeding Filipino comedians, most notably the trio of Eat Bulaga's Tito, Vic and Joey and Michael V. of Bubble Gang. They all acknowledge Dolphy and Panchito as their original inspiration in this comedic act.

Panchito has prodigiously appeared in almost 200 movies, mostly in comedic roles, since he started his acting career in 1954 until his death in 1995.


Alba was a Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences Awards (FAMAS) best supporting actor in 1955.


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