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The Palananum are the indigenous people living in and around Palanan, Isabela. It consists of a mixed population whose members are nominal Christians. The original settlement appears to have been chiefly a Tagalog fishing village, founded by people from the east coast of Tayabas province or thereabouts. Through intermarriage and close-contact with the forest and seacoast peoples of that vicinity, coupled with relations with the people in Cagayan Valley, a mixed community grew in which both a new culture and a new dialect gradually evolved.

Subsistence is partly from the sea, partly from agriculture, and partly from hunting and trade with the Negritos and other forest people. The local economic life is almost self-sufficient and depends little on imports. Substitutes for metal articles have been developed out of shell, horn, bone, and wood. Like the Ivatan, the Palanan people are almost isolated from the rest of the country for lack of communication facilities. Their culture,though appearing similar to that of the coastal towns in northern Tayabas,has some unique features.



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