Pakil Crucifix

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Pakil Crucifix is a sculptured image of Jesus Christ nailed in a cross that depicts His extreme agony in the cross, which also became a central figure in Christian iconography. It was carved in the early 1800-1900 by an anonymous sculptor at Laguna.


Oral lore has it that the Pakil Crucifix was carved by a sculptor in Paete who offered to make the crucifix himself. Another version was that the said crucifix was carved by a mysterious man who presented himself to the priest to make the crucifix in exchange for food and shelter. After three weeks of working on the crucifix, the old man just disappeared.

The Polychromed hardwoond sculpture with embroidered cloth and metal appurtenances measures approximately to 2.13 cm for the figure and 305 x 213 cm. for the cross.It is housed in the Roman Catholic Church of Pakil, Laguna.


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