Paghihingalo ng mga Puso

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Paghihingalo ng mga Puso is a novel penned by Leonardo Dianzon and published in 1912. It is the story of a man and his unfortunate experiences in life and love during the American Occupation.


Virgilio, driven by extreme poverty, works as a servant to support his studies. When he finally graduates, he rejects the idea of employment with the civil service which he sees as a mechanism of the colonizers. Aware that his plans and aspirations may be hindered by the elite in his town, he chooses to explore possibilities in another province, leaving his beloved Dading behind. Dading detests their situation at first but later understands Virgilio. Oscar, from a rich family, tries to woo Dading with his fortune and does trickery to separate the lovers. Soon after, Oscar succeeds and Dading relents to him. Virgilio silently suffers his misfortunes; meanwhile, Dading goes insane.


Like most of the Tagalog novels written in the early American Occupation, the novel, although revolving on a love story angle, also touches the theme of American colonization as a bane to the country. Through Virgilio's experiences, the obvious disadvantages of the social institutions established by the United States that time were explored. Similar novels include Orang and Madaling Araw.

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