Pag-ibig at Paghihiganti

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Pag-Ibig at Pag-hihiganti is a novel by Jose Diaz Ampil published during the first decade of the American Occupation. As its title reveals, it dwells on the interlocking themes of love, betrayal and revenge.


Teresa is Leoncia Matiisin's daughter to a lover who later abandoned her. Leoncia leaves Teresa to a poor couple but due to circumstances, the couple ask Mr. Francisco, a rich man, to take care of the girl. When Mr. Francisco loses his lucre, Teresa becomes adopted once more by another rich man, Mr. Remigio. Before the latter dies, he tells Teresa about her past full of twists and turns. Already grown and mature, Teresa becomes acquainted with Fernando, a young medical student. She does not know that the man is actually the son of Mr. Francisco. Tortured by her feelings and longing for Fernando, she gets on a nervous breakdown. She is treated by Dr. Mariano, and the two eventually marry. The marriage does not diminish the passion of Teresa for Fernando and so the run away. Enraged and undaunted, Dr. Mariano tracks down the lovers and kills them.

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  • Ampil, Jose Diaz. Pag-ibig at Paghihiganti. Manila, Philippines: Limbagan nina Fajardo at Kasama, 1908.



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