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The Orani Church is a church located in Orani, Bataan.


Orani is located 14 km north of Balanga City and 115 km from Manila.


After Orani became an independent mission area in 1714, the Dominicans had a church built. On September 16, 1852, both the church and the municipal hall were destroyed during an earthquake. It was eventually rebuilt in 1891 under the supervision of Fr. Batolome Alvarez del Manzano, O.P.

It was damaged in a fire on March 16, 1938, which destroyed three-fourths of Orani including the town hall, the tercena, and the former Bataan High School. It was eventually reconstructed in September 1938.

When the Second World War broke out, the church suffered considerable damage. It was reconstructed through the efforts of the locals of Orani.


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