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Olimpia U. Lozano (b. March 23, 1917 - d. unknown), a renowned teacher in the Centro Escolar University (C.E.U.), was among the first Filipinos to initiate efforts in helping the juveniles in Manila. She established the Council for Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency, which primary goal was to serve as a nucleus for the Boys town. She was the second Filipino woman to receive the Philippine Legion of Honor.

Known for her faith and creed, Lozano was always remembered through her words, "Every Bad Boy deserves a chance to show his better side because man is essentially good". This quotation was her backbone in helping the the homeless boys find a home in Boys Town, thus saving them from being delinquent juveniles.

Early life

Lozano was born in Manila from Aristeo Rizal Ubaldo and Leonarda Limjap. She finished her secondary education at St. Paul College in Manila in 1934, and Bachelor of Science in Education degree at the College of the Holy Spirit, Manila in 1938. In pursuit of higher learning, she studied at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.where she obtained a Master of Science in Social Work major in Child Welfare in 1940

Olimpia was married to Dr. Antonio Lozano, doctor of medicine and dermatologist who was formerly affiliated with the World Health Organization, (W.H.O.). The couple was blessed with four sons and one daughter who were all professionals.

Social Works

Mrs. Lozano, saw the growing juvenile delinquency problem in Manila and found out that this was due to the lowering moral standards as an aftermath of the war. There were teen-age pilfers, war orphans and young girls with dubious earning pursuits roved the country's capital and most populous city. She became greatly concerned over the future of this youths, thus, started campaigning for the benefit of the young ones. She was backed up by fellow civic-oriented person, late Mayor Manuel Valeriano Fugoso, and his former Police Chief, Manuel de la Fuente. They started with a ninety-peso initial funds for the seven youths whom they quartered in a shack at the Old Bilibid compound.

The small compound evolved and became a successful project known today as the "Boys Town", located in Marikina City, Rizal. It is a spacious location which can accommodate the physical and mental growth of the youths. The beautiful scenery and environment helped the boys release their tensions, stress and negative energies. This was proven to be very helpful for the young juveniles to become good citizens in the future rather than being a menace to the society. All of this were made possible through the humanitarian works and efforts of Lozano.


Lozano's social service was not only limited to the prevention of juvenile delinquency. In addition to these, she became the national secretary and vicarial president of the Catholic Women's League (C.W.L.); president of the Damas de Filipinas and Settlement House; and member of the Boys Town Advisory Council of the City of Manila.

Awards and Citations

She was a recipient of several awards for her humanitarian services, among them were as follows: A Legion of Honor Award from the Philippine Government, and a Marco Aurelio de Oro from the City Government of Rome in 1972 for her humanitarian services and Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre, a Vatican award.


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