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The Occupational Therapy Association of the Philippines, Inc., (OTAP), founded in 1965, is an accredited organization of Occupational Therapists in the Philippines which offers assistance to the professional needs and concerns of its members.


The objectives of the OTAP are the following:

  • To foster a strong fellowship and unity among its members.
  • To protect the well-being and the welfare of its members.
  • To advance the education and training of occupational therapists in accordance with the Laws of the Philippines.
  • To encourage advance study and research in occupational therapy.
  • To enforce observance of the Code of Ethics of Occupational Therapists.
  • To promote coordination with other disciplines and organizations, locally and internationally.
  • To keep abrest of new developments in the profession and facilitate exchange of knowledge among professionals.
  • To act as a consultative body in all matters pertaining to the profession.
  • To cooperate with government and other health organizations on the issues concerning national health care.


The organization is a proud affiliate and is entitled to all the rights and privileges of being a member of the World Federation of Occupational Therapists.


There were eight types of membership in the organization, these were:

  • Charter Member
  • Regular Member
  • Life Member
  • Affiliate Member
  • Honorary Member
  • Graduate Member
  • Student Member
  • Technician Member

Benefits of Membership

The following are the benefits of being a member of OTAP:

  • Membership packet: official laminated OTAP ID and membership certificate
  • Accident insurance policy
  • Discounted rates on official OTAP-sponsored conventions, seminars and assemblies

Standing Committees

  • Committee on Membership and Nominations - recruits, screens, and orients all applicants to the OTAP.
  • Committee on Finance - prepares the annual budget and provides ways and means of raising funds for the OTAP not covered by dues.
  • Committee on Legislations - looks into all legal matters pertaining to the education and practice of occupational therapy in different institutions.
  • Committee on Professional Standards and Ethics - develops and maintains the standards of practice of occupational therapy in consultation with the Professional Regulations Commission.
  • Committee on Programs - proposes the general direction of the Association for the year and shall screen all proposals regarding program and activities of the Association.
  • Committee on Public Relations - distributes OTAP publications and disseminates information regarding the profession locally and internationally.
  • Committee on Education and Research - promotes continuing education programs for practicing occupational therapists and for other allied health professionals.




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