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The Nutritionist-Dietitians' Association of the Philippines (NDAP), formerly known as Dietetic Association of the Philippines, is an organization composed of Nutritionists, Dietitians and Educators that aims to upgrade the standard of nutrition in the Philippines.


In 1955, dietitians, faculty members and several senior students of the University of the Philippines and the Philippine General Hospital founded an organization that aimed to provide adequate nutrition for all nutritionist-dietitians, and to support a bill in the congress that will regulate dietetic practice in the Philippines, they called the organization, Dietetic Association of the Philippines. The first set of officers were: Presentacion Perez, as the president; Corazon de Leon, vice-president; Preciosa Florentin, secretary; Julieta Tadle, treasurer; Nora Daza, PRO; and Flora Domingo, Ninfa Saturnino, and Fe Raymundo, directors.

On June 18, 1960, the officers succeeded to regulate dietetic practice after President Carlos P. Garcia enacted the dietetic bill into a law known as Republic Act No. 2674.

In 1974, the National Nutrition Council was created, it expanded the employment opportunities of nutrition graduates. The food and nutrition plan created by the council increased the demand for employment of nutritionists and dietitians.

In 1978, presidential decree 1286 was passed. This allowed all nutrition graduates to take the licensure examination, and successful examinees will be registered Nutritionist-Dietitians. And in the same year, DAP was changed to Nutritionist-Dietitians' Association of the Philippines. NDAP is the accredited professional organization for nutritionist-dietitians by the Professional Regulation Commission.

Vision and Mission

The organization has a very simple yet noble vision, which is stated as "adequate nutrition for all." Their mission is to empower nutritionist-dietitians to effectively and efficiently deliver nutrition and dietetics through sustaining professional education program, enhancement of the profession, and nurturing the values of commitment, dedication, and civic consciousness.

NDAP Foundation

The foundation was established in 1988 stands as a support arm of the association. It manages several thrust funds such as the Clara Ruth Darby Fund; Esperanza Alvendia, which is used for the continuing education of food service management teachers; Robert and Ninfa Springer Fund, Dr. Angel Florentin Scholarship Fund, Dr. Angel Florentin Scholarship Fund; and the Special Scholarship Fund for deserving junior and senior Nutrition and Dietetics students in State Universities.




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