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Noemi Lardizabal-Dado is a prominent blogger, a new media publisher, real estate broker and internet entrepreneur.

Early Life

Dado obtained her secondary schooling at St. Theresa's College, Quezon City, and her undergraduate degree at the University of the Philippines, Diliman, where she became a student council head. In 1983 she graduated with a master's degree in business management from the Ateneo de Manila Graduate School of Business.

She started her career at Melleco Foods Corporation as the production and quality control food supervisor for the Van Melle candy line. She worked as a research analyst for the UP Institute for Small Scale Industries before becoming an independent real estate broker as president of Lardizabal Development Corporation. In December 2002 she established Globalized Ecommerce Online Solutions which specializes in affordable webhosting services for small and medium-scale businesses.

Blogging Career

After the loss of her 6-year-old son Luijoe in a drowning accident in 2000, she started blogging as a form of grief recovery. Later on, Noemi formed a chapter of The Compassionate Friends Philippines, together with husband Atty Luis Dado, Cathy Babao-Guballa, Alma Miclat, and Senator Pia Cayetano on December 1, 2005. The aim of TCF Philippines is to offer friendship and support to persons following the death of a loved one.

Noemi characterizes herself as a mom-blogger and in fact she has two children involved in blogging. This involvement in family computing arose out of her initial work in 1995 on an internet safety project for World Kids Network, a children's fun website. Her daughter [Lauren Dado|Lauren] was the first blogger of the Philippines, having started her personal online journal in 1996 under the name of nimrodel while still a student at the Ateneo de Manila. Her husband helps her update their food blog.

Among Dado's many blogs are:,,,, and

In June 2007 she started the Pinoy Moms Network, a group of network Pinoy mothers who blog.

Her recovery blog "Touched by an Angel" was awarded the Best Blog in the Philippine Web Awards.

In Her Own Words

  • "(Bloggers) can just start with a personal blog. Write anything that they know and about their experiences. Finally,they must know where to specialize and what attracts readers to their site... For now, just be general and feel your way through. Reaching out toyour readers is also important. If you know what they are interested in, you tend to write about those aspects."
  • "I will be blogging until I die. I'm writing about things that can really improve other peoples' lives because it's based on my experiences. They all get inspired because they all have a story to tell."
  • "My biggest blogging achievement is reaching out to people who might need help and comfort. Not only do bereaved family members contact me but anyone feeling grief or some sort of pain in their life. For example, there is the heartbroken girl, or the betrayed spouse. I feel flattered that my readers entrust their problems to me but unfortunately, I am not a therapist. All I can give is friendly advice and I refer them to the appropriate person or agency."

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