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The New Worlds Alliance is an alliance of different science fiction and fantasy fangroups in the Philippines.

March 12, 2003 marked the beginning of a growing tradition among hundreds, perhaps thousands of Filipino science fiction and fantasy aficionados. Every new endeavor comes with its hopes and fears, but who would have thought that this particular one would lay the foundation for what is currently the most awaited event of Filipino geeks year after year?


Paolo Jalbuena, New Worlds Alliance (NWA) vice chairperson, secretariat chief and president of Via Astris, Inc. (VA), recounts the roots of science fiction and fantasy conventions (or "cons") in the Philippines:

"It was late in the year 2002 when VA, the Star Trek Club of the Philippines, was contemplating holding an advance screening of the upcoming movie, Star Trek Nemesis," Paolo begins. "Our membership was quite small then, about 20 active members, so we weren't really sure if we could fill up a whole theatre on our own power, so the 'advance screening' idea was scrapped. Instead, we opted to buy a block on the first day of the regular screening. That first mission would have made us happy already, but it felt like we needed to do more as a community."

He then explains that it was during one brainstorming session that gave birth to the idea of a science fiction and fantasy convention. VA at that time had already held successful joint activities with the Pinoyslayers (the local Buffy and Angel fan organization) so the prospect of cooperating with more groups gave them the encouragement to hold what was to be "New Worlds: The 1st Philippine Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention".

"Our first obstacle would be to contact and forge an alliance with our traditional rivals, Star Wars Philippines (SWP)," he continues. "We didn't know how to approach them at first, but luck was on our side. The very next day, SWP announced that they were going to hold their Christmas Party at the same place we held our weekly meetings (at Brash Young Cinema). We immediately asked for an audience with the Jedi Council, which they then agreed to give us. Talks went smoothly as both our parties exchanged stories of struggling to get projects off the ground, as well as sharing the same dream of having a full-scale convention."

The Pioneers

The quest of fulfilling that dream led to the discovery of more fan organizations, which, after being oriented with the proposal to hold such a convention, offered and pledged their full support and collaboration. These groups were:

"It was at that point that I would say The New Worlds Alliance was born," Paolo recalls. "Having come out of nowhere, we had a hard time convincing sponsors to support the event. Everything else came into place as soon as we had the funding."

"A simple cold can become a bad case of the flu because of the non-existent resistance in our over-extended bodies," Paolo expounds. He then adds, "Having hosted it (the convention) successfully was the most unforgettable feeling I've ever had. A pity I only felt it after three days of recuperating from conventionitis. Hearing people say ‘Oh my God! A Trek Club!’ ‘I'm not alone anymore!’ or ‘Is that a real light saber?’ comes close, too. I heard about a million phrases like this, but couldn't stop for a second because I had a con to run. When I took a break, I'd look at the smiles that people had on their faces. That just makes my day. I think the same goes for the collective VA. It was the first convention and it happened more than 4 years ago already. We improve every year, so I will just assume that we must have done something right."

Convention Activities

Activities at that historic first convention included trivia games, choreographed combat demos --- one of the event’s "obscure activities," as Paolo jokingly states, because there were a number of impromptu goings-on spurred by all the excitement --— and the highly anticipated cosplay parade and contest. In the cosplay contest, fans dressed up as characters from science fiction and fantasy films and TV series. All over, we heard reports of sightings of Elves, Jedi, and Starfleet officers populating the convention premises. There were also characters from X-men, Aliens, Terminator, and Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire, among others.

Convention Attractions

Another of the convention’s attractions --— or aversions, if you will --— initiated their debut performance to the delightful dismay, to describe it in its most truthful contradictory sense, of their audience. This was the performance of the infamous Stormballs, which was an instant highlight of the event. Commotion ensued when this so-called “dance group” of men in spandex took to the stage, their identities shrouded by Stormtrooper helmets.

Finally, the movie premiere of Star Trek Nemesis brought the first Philippine geek convention to a satisfying close. “New Worlds: The 1st Philippine Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention” was held at the Premiere THX Theater Complex in Makati on March 12, 2003, from 3pm to 12 midnight. Visit HERE for a glimpse of the past.


Its aim was to provide a venue for Filipino science fiction and fantasy fans to interact, hold activities, and express themselves and their love for their respective fandoms. (read more about it here.)


Date Detail Summary
12 March 2003 New Worlds: The 1st Philippine Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention
Host: Via Astris Inc.
Premiere Cinema Complex, Makati City
17-18 January 2004 A Long Expected Party: The 2nd Philippine Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention
Host: The Philippine Tolkien Society
Powerplant Mall Parking Quad, Rockwell, Makati City
23-24 May 2005 New Worlds Episode III: The 3rd Philippine Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention
Host: Star Wars Philippines
Glorietta Activity Center, Makati City
16 July 2006 New Worlds 4: A Broken Time Machine
Rockwell Tent, Rockwell, Makati City

New Worlds 1

In March of that same year, Via Astris hosted "New Worlds: The 1st Philippine Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention" at the Premiere Cinema Complex to celebrate the release of "Star Trek: Nemesis". Participating groups were:

New Worlds 2

In January 2004, it was The Philippine Tolkien Society's turn to host "A Long Expected Party: The 2nd Philippine Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention" to mark the end of the Lord of the Rings movie saga and the release of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. The original seven Alliance members groups were joined by the following groups in the two-day event at the Powerplant Mall Parking Quad.:

New Worlds 3

With the advent of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, Star Wars Philippines organized New Worlds Episode III: The 3rd Philippine Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention in May 2005 at the Glorietta Activity Center. Four new groups were inaugurated into the Alliance:

P'noy Ta'veren Ma'vron (Wheel of Time Philippines) also participated as a guest group.

New Worlds 4

On July 16, 2006 the 4th Annual Philippine Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention entitled New Worlds 4: A Broken Time Machine was held at the Rockwell Tent in Makati City.

Current Alliance Members

Science Fiction

  1. BSG (Battlestar Galactica) Philippines - So say we all!
  2. Cybertron Philippines - for fans of Transformers TV series and upcoming live action movie
  3. Matrix Philippines
  4. Mechapinoy - for fans of Gundam and other mecha-related series
  5. Science Fiction Philippines
  6. Stargate Philippines
  7. Star Wars Philippines - May the Force be with you
  8. Via-Astris – The Star Trek Club of the Philippines - To boldly go where no one has gone before


  1. A.E.G.I.S. - Alliance of Eclectic Gamers and Interactive Storytellers
  2. Arkham Philippines
  3. Artist’s Den
  4. Charmedpinoy- The power of three will set us free
  5. Pinoy FremenDune fans club
  6. Pinoy Harry Potter
  7. Philippine Highlander Society - There can be only one
  8. Pinoy Lost - fans of JJ Abrams' series LOST
  9. PinoyslayerJoss Whedon fans (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel The Series, and Firefly)
  10. Pinoy X-Philes - Trust no one
  11. The Philippine Order of Narnians (website) - The Philippines' first and only community of CS Lewis Enthusiasts.
  12. The Philippine Tolkien Society
  13. The TalonSmallville Fans club
  14. P'noy Ta'veren Ma'vron - Wheel of Time Philippines
  15. Xena Philippines - fans of Xena, the Warrior Princess and Hercules
  16. Heroes Philippines - fans of NBC's hit show Heroes
  17. Anne Rice Philippines
  18. Supernatural Philippines - fans of the WB hit show Supernatural

Definition of Terms

  • Conventionitis - any form of sickness that befalls everyone immediately after the con, as well as the few sleepless days and nights prior to it
  • Stormballs - a "dance troupe" composed of men dressed only in spandex shorts and exaggerated Stormtrooper helmets; a novelty group brought to us by Star Wars Philippines

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