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The National Book Development Board (NBDB) is the government agency mandated to develop and support the Philippines’ book publishing industry. It was created by Republic Act 8047 or the Book Publishing Company Industry Development Act in 1995. This major areas of concern of RA 8047 are to:

  • Enhance the competitiveness of the publishing or book industry
  • Develop and support the creative sector
  • Strengthen the NBDB
  • Enhance textbook quality procurement
  • Enhance local and international markets for Philippine books

Through the implementation of National Book Development Plan, NBDB works hand in hand with non-government organizations and private sectors to become the Publishing Hub in Asia and to have a stronger and globally competitive publishing industry.

NBDB Vision

NBDB is the leading catalyst for building a culture of reading and authorship as well as an environment for the growth of the book publishing industry towards making it globally competitive.

NBDB Mission

To promote the continuing development of the book publishing industry, with the active participation of the private sector, to ensure an adequate supply of affordable, quality- produced books not only for the domestic market but also for export.


Republic Act 8047, also known as the Book Publishing Industry Development Act, was the inspiration to materialize a book-governing body in the country. It is providing for the development of the book publishing industry through the formulation and implementation of a national book policy and a national development plan. It is through this act that the government demonstrated their full attention to the development of the book publishing industry.

In 1998, a few Congressmen initiated to share their same visions to witness a growth of the book publishing in the country. The struggle to fight for this right ended when President Fidel V. Ramos signed the decree on 7 June 1995. It became a law Republic Act No. 8047, the Book Publishing Ondustry Development Act and created a board of administrators called the National Book Development Board. The R.A. 8047 invalidated the Executive Order 492, series of 1991. The former law created Instructional Materials Development Center, under the Department of Education, Culture and Sports (DECS).


  • Create conditions conducive to the development, production, and distribution of books, especially the acquisition and adoption of state-of-the-art technology, equipment and machineries on book publishing.
  • Obtain priority status for the book publishing industry.
  • Ensure an adequate, affordable and accessible supply of books for all segments of the population.
  • Promote book readership especially among the young and neo-literates, through programs promoting literacy and good reading habits, book fairs and exhibits and an efficient nationwide system of libraries and reading centers especially in the rural areas.
  • Promote development of indigenous authorship and of translations among various language groups in the country.
  • Promote the translation and publication of scientific and technical books and classic works in literature and the arts.
  • Promote effective distribution of books in the domestic as well as in the international markets through an efficient and reliable postal and transport delivery system.
  • Promote the concept of intellectual property ownership and protect the rights of authors and publishers by strictly enforcing copyright laws and providing legal assistance to authors and publishers in suits related thereto.
  • Promote the use of recycled/waste paper and other inexpensive local materials in the manufacture of books to reduce the cost of such locally produced books.
  • Ensure the country's commitment to the UNESCO principle of free flow of information and other related provisions as embodied in the Florence Agreement and in other similar agreements.

Governing Board

  • Chairmain: Flor Marie “Neni” Sta. Romana-Cruz
  • Vice-Chairman: Francisco M. Varela
  • Government Members:
    • Engr. Ma. Lourdes P. Orijola
    • Adrian S. Cristobal Jr.
  • Private Members:
    • Ani Rosa S. Almario
    • Ma. Karina A. Bolasco
    • Isagani R. Cruz
    • Ruel S. De Vera
    • Alfredo C. Ramos


  • Executive Director: Graciela M. Cayton
  • Deputy Executive Director: Camille V. Dela Rosa
  • Director I: Wilfred M. Castillo
  • OIC, Administrative & Finance Division: Flordeliza A. Abiad




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