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Nanay Ko! is a novel written by Filipino writer Gregorio Coching. It was published in Manila in 1925 by Palimbagang Tagumpay. Along with Sanggumay, the novel catapulted Coching into popularity. It tells the story of an orphan who struggles through life to overcome maltreatment and persecution from relatives.


The story revolves around the young girl Milagring who is adopted by Nicanor. All is well between father and daughter until he marries again to a woman named Lucing. The life of Milagring begins to change as her "step-mother" maltreats her. Lucing tries many times to endanger the life of her "step-daughter", even asking the help of Venancio, Nicanor's driver, to do her evil plan of having the girl raped. Fortunately, Milagring is rescued by a mysterious character. Gradually the mystery surrounding the novel is solved, revealing that Lucing is the true mother of Milagring. It is found out that Lucing wants her to be gone, fearing that people will discover that she bore a child out of wedlock, which is an embarrassment to every woman and her family. Surprisingly, it is also revealed that Venancio is Milagring's true father and that the girl's savior is her good neighboor who lost a child and who feels the need to protect the pitiful girl.


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