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Mula sa Puso (International title: From the Heart) is a Philippine remake of the original 1997 TV series that starred Claudine Barretto, Rico Yan and Diether Ocampo airing on ABS-CBN from March 10, 1997 to April 9, 1999. The 2011 remake stars Lauren Young,[1] JM De Guzman and Enrique Gil. The show is directed by the same director of the original series, Wenn V. Deramas.[2] This is the second soap opera remake of the network after its initial success and high ratings of the 2010 remake, Mara Clara. The show's original airing was at 6:00pm in 1997-1999 and was used again broadcasting this 2011.



Template:Main Mula sa Puso is a remake of the 1997 television series of the same title. It starred Claudine Barretto as Via, Rico Yan as Gabriel and Diether Ocampo as Michael. Two years after the series had its finale in 1999, it was adapted into a film where the whole cast reprised their roles except Ricardo Cepeda and Snooky Serna who played Abdon and Criselda. In March 2011, ABS-CBN announced that they had decided to remake the television series after the success of Mara Clara.[3] The remake will star Lauren Young as Via, JM De Guzman as Gabriel, and Enrique Gil as Michael. Ariel Rivera and Eula Valdez, who were both part of the 1997 series and the 1999 film, respectively, are set to join the cast playing different roles this time. Wenn V. Deramas who directed the 1997 series and the 1999 film is also set to direct the remake. The series adaptation is part of Kapamilya Gold, ABS-CBN's promotion for its upcoming series such as Nasaan Ka Elisa?, Maria la del Barrio and Hiyas.


Via (Lauren Young) has been treated like a princess by her father, Don Fernando (Ariel Rivera), a millionaire. On Via's eighteenth birthday, her hand was given to her childhood friend Michael (Enrique Gil) for marriage, although she does not have feelings for him like he does for her. Amid this drama, a revelation will begin when Via's aunt, Selina (Eula Valdez) plots her personal retribution on her brother, at the expense of Via. In the process, Via will meet Gabriel (JM de Guzman) who will save her from her heartache and become her hero in disguise. She will also cross paths with her real identity of her real mother Magda (Dawn Zulueta) who happens to be Gabriel's adoptive mother.

Cast and characters

Main cast

  • Lauren Young as Olivia "Via" Pereira-Amarillo[4] - the main female/primary protagonist of the series, originally portrayed by Claudine Barretto. She is the good daughter of Don Fernando and Magdalena Pereira. Olivia's real name was Angelica, given to her by her biological mother, but as she got raised by her father and her father's wife, she grew up with the name Olivia, or "Via" for short. Later she married Gabriel.
  • JM De Guzman as Gabriel Maglayon-Amarillo - the main male protagonist of the series, originally portrayed by Rico Yan. He is the son of Rocco. A kind hearted and hardworking young taxi driver who will do everything to earn the trust of Don Fernando and to prove his love for Olivia Pereira. Later he married Via.
  • Enrique Gil as Michael Miranda[5] - the main male protagonist of the series, originally portrayed by Diether Ocampo. Via's friend, he had special feelings for her.
  • Dawn Zulueta as Magdalena "Magda" Trinidad-Pereira[6] - the secondary female protagonist of the series, originally portrayed by Jaclyn Jose. The lost mother of Via. She fell in love with Don Fernando and she has a scar face after surviving an acid attack by Selina. Later she married Don Fernando.
  • Eula Valdez as Selina Pereira-Matias - the main female/primary antagonist of the series, originally portrayed by Princess Punzalan. She is the sister of Don Fernando, however she is not his biological sister. She is clever, quick-thinking, and intelligent, but at the same time evil scheme, greedy and merciless to others especially having deep revenge, and a grudge she held over Magda. She perpetrated the acid attack which left a scar on Magda's face. She married Ysmael and had a daughter named Nicole and an older son named Gilbert. Until one day trying to kill Via, she saw Nicole in the bus with bombs and she was killed instead. Selina got severely burned after finding Nicole inside the exploded bus. In the end, she was killed by a speeding truck while showing her pride and quarreling with her neighbors. As she was dying bloodily, the flashbacks of the painful past happened to her and horrible crimes she did were seen.
  • Ariel Rivera as Don Fernando Pereira[7] - the secondary male protagonist of the series, originally portrayed by Juan Rodrigo. Via's father who lives a full life of deceit by his adoptive sister Selina and will face the truth amidst of it all that he and Magda are still meant to be after so many trials and tribulations.

Supporting cast

  • Charee Pineda as Katherine "Kate" Dela Cruz/Sister Katherine - She treats Ninong as her father. She later fell in love with Gabriel. And later, she became a nun.
  • DJ Durano as Ysmael Matias - Selina's husband.
  • Tyron Perez as Gilbert Matias - Ysmael's son and Nicole's half-brother. His love interest is Via.
  • Cris Villanueva as Rocco Amarillo - The biological father of Gabriel who saved the life of Magda. He died after being shot by Selina. He is buried beside his wife at the family ranch.
  • Sue Anne Ramirez as Nicole Matias - Ysmael and Selina's loving daughter, towards the end of the series, she rebels against her parents and joins Via. However, she tragically dies in a bus accident on the way to Baguio, after an explosion, which was meant to kill Via. The bomb was placed directly near their seat, thus killing everyone on the bus.
  • Minco Fabregas as Atty. Samuel Miranda - The father of Michael and a friend of Don Fernando.
  • Rochelle Barrameda as Monique Miranda - The mother of Michael.
  • Neri Naig as Jaja Lampaz/Fake Selina - Selina had her face changed to look like her.
  • Paul Salas as Warren Maglayon - Magda's son and Gabriel's brother. He falls in love with Nicole.

Special participation

Differences for the Original and Remake

Original Version (TV version) Remake Version
Criselda's death was because of cancer. Criselda was killed by Selina after she refused to include her in her will.
Mariel, Elena, and Elaine were all women whom Selina ordered to be tortured and raped. The rape related storylines were not included.
Gabriel's biological father is revealed to be a rich man named Don Ricardo. Rocco is the biological father of Gabriel.
Via was known as Ella Peralta after the bus explosion events. The alias of Ella Peralta was not included in the remake, hence the bus explosion was during the series' finale.
Ysmael had a daughter who was named Jennifer, with a woman named Connie. Connie and Jennifer were absent for the remake.
Trina is Via's best friend who is in love with Michael. Trina was not included in the re-adaptation.
Gilbert was Ysmael's oldest, but illegitimate child. Gilbert appeared in the remake, but is then this time portrayed as Selina and Ysmael's son.
Gilbert was Via's bodyguard, who was ordered to gather information about Via and report back to Selina. Gilbert had a crush on Via.
During the middle of the series, Selina had lymphoma cancer. Selina did not have cancer.
Carmen, Rafael, and Berta were characters who saved Via after finding her disoriented in a church after the bus explosion. These three characters were not included during the remake.
Selina is Don Fernando's half-sister from their father's mistress. In the re-adaptation, Selina is Don Fernando's adoptive sister.
Don Fernando and Selina's parents were not included in the series. Selina's biological mother was included, while Don Fernando's parents, Blanca and Don Fernando Pereira Sr., were also included.
Gabriel had a half-brother named Leo. Gabriel did not have any biological siblings.
Warren was Gabriel's half-brother and also Corazon and Benjamin's son. Gabriel and Warren were taken under Magda's wing after she found them homeless on the streets.
Corazon, Benjamin, TonTon, and Eduard were Warren's family in the original. Warren had no biological family.
Magda had a brother named Manuel who was a serial killer. Magda did not have brother in the remake.
Magda's mother was not included in the original. Minerva is Magda's mother.
Ysmael was killed by Selina after he tried to help Via and Magda escape from his wife's evil plans. Ysmael remained alive throughout the series, and is seen in the double wedding of Via and Gabriel and Magda and Fernando.
Via and Magda were kidnapped by Selina for P50M. Gabriel, Via, Magda, and Don Fernando were all held hostages by Selina for the whole wealth of the Pereira family.
Lando was Mariel's rapist. Lando was Mariel and Neal's friend.
Wendy is a member of Gabriel's "tropa," and has a crush on him. While Wendy does have a crush of Gabriel, Kate is Via's main rival for Gabriel's heart.
Tindeng was attempted to be murdered by Selina because she knew to many secrets of her boss. This was not included in the remake version.
Nicole was killed by Manuel after she tried to escape from him with her half-sister, Jennifer. Nicole was unintentionally killed in the bus explosion.
Michael's father, Attorney Miranda, betrayed Don Fernando financially by stealing money from their company. This storyline was not included in the remake.
Selina shot Magda in the back after she and Via tried to escape from her. Fernando was stabbed and tortured by Selina.
Jowie was Warren's love interest. Nicole was instead Warren's love interest.
Selina ordered the kidnapping of Via's daughter, Magdalena. Via did not have a daughter in the re-adaptation.
Selina manipulated Criselda into thinking that taking Via away from Magda was the only way Fernando would love her again. Criselda decided to adopt Via because Selina was planning to kill the infant and Magda.
Bagyo saved Selina from the car explosion after Via purposely crashed her car into a carinderia. This storyline was not included in the remake.
Selina suffered a burned face after the car explosion. Selina did suffer a burned face because she went inside the burning bus hoping to save Nicole, her daughter.
During the bus explosion, Selina let out a loud, terrifying, and bone-chilling evil laugh after thinking Via was killed in the explosion. Selina's evil laugh was removed because her daughter Nicole was a casualty of the disaster.
Michael was killed by Bagyo after he saved Via and her daughter from getting shot. Michael was not killed in the remake.
Michael married Trina after she revealed to him that she was supposedly pregnant, and eventually fell in love with her. Michael remained single throughout the series.
Gabriel and Warren both saved Via. Via was only saved by Gabriel.
After the car explosion, Selina got plastic surgery after getting P1M from Fernando. Selina did not get facial re-construction in the remake.
Selina was killed after she got ran over (and dragged) by a speeding truck. Selina was run over by a truck after she was distracted while quarreling and threatening her neighbors.
Shortly before her death, Selina and Via had a duel in an abandoned construction site. This did not happen in the remake.
Shirley, a woman who was in love with Rafael and was jealous of Via (Ella) was one of Via's rivals. This storyline was not included in the re-adaptation; thus, Shirley did not appear.
Gabriel's father, Ricardo, was accidentally shot by Leo. Rocco was shot by Selina after protecting Gabriel.
Leo is Gabriel's half-brother. Gabriel's only biological family is his father, Rocco.
During the bus explosion scene, Magda was screaming and bawling after she thought Via was dead. Magda was present, but she was accompanied by Gabriel, who was also devastated by the explosion.
Warren was left by his mother, Corazon, in the care of Magda while he was a child. Magda found Gabriel and Warren on the streets and adopted them.


  • In the readaptation, it did not have more characters as the original.
  • This is Lauren Young's big break in showbiz and last show in ABS-CBN before moving to GMA Network in 2012.
  • This is Eula Valdez, Ariel Rivera and Cris Villanueva's comeback show in ABS-CBN, after leaving GMA Network in both 2010 and 2011.
  • This is Tyron Perez's last show, before his death in December 2011.
  • This is Dawn Zulueta's comeback drama television show after three years since Mars Ravelo's Lastikman in 2007.

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