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The most popular sports in the Philippines refer to a list of sports that enjoy a significant following among the majority of Filipinos. These sports are either individual or team in nature and have become part of the Filipino way of life. Some would even go to the extent of saying that sports have reshaped the way people interact with one another. Observers also say that sporting events have even united Filipinos - even for only a brief moment - in achieving a common goal. Among sports afficionados, it is virtually impossible to think of waking up in the morning and not looking at the result of a favorite sport in newspapers.

Why some sports are popular

The popularity of certain sports in the Philippines could be attributed to factors that made Filipinos to go into these sports either as players or spectators. Among the factors include the nature of the sport itself. If a certain sport - or athletes of that sport - has a certain appeal, the way basketball and basketball players have, Filipinos will undoubtedly get hooked into it.

A sport is also popular in the Philippines if it is accessible to everyone. One reason why basketball, volleyball, and billiards are popular among Filipinos - and polo and equestrian are not - is the availability of facilities. One need not go to the Araneta Coliseum or Cuneta Astrodome just to play basketball or volleyball. In the Philippines, one can find a basketball court or goal in every conceivable side street or vacant lot. The same thing is true for billiards, as billiard halls are sprouting everywhere, especially after the high profile success of Filipino billiard players.

The success of Filipino athletes in national and international competitions could also explain why people are venturing into sports. Filipinos, especially the youth, look up to successful athletes as role models; the epitome of discipline, perseverance, and achievement. Parents would undoubtedly welcome the idea that their children are idolizing sports heroes rather than rock stars or movie stars.

Financial benefits, especially if a sport is considered a magnet for advertisers and supported by big companies, also contribute to the popularity of certain sports in the country. The monetary reward of engaging in such sports as basketball or billiards is definitely enticing Filipinos to try their luck in either of them. The fame, hype, and glamor of being identified as an athlete are all perks that come with a career in sports.

And then, there are sports in the Philippines that are popular because Filipinos simply enjoy being part of them; either as players or simply watching athletes compete. There is simply no match to the excitement and the adrenaline rush that sports, especially a spectator sport, bring to the public. The emotions, the unexpected outcome, and even the controversies that result contribute to Filipinos supporting, loving, and popularizing certain sports in the Philippines.

Filipino fans

A sport's popularity in the Philippines, however, does not necessarily mean that Filipinos actually participate or are engaged in it. Although many are into one or two of these sports, either competitively or for recreational purposes, the vast majority are going into sports as followers, afficionados, or in a more familiar term, as fans. They are the ones who troop to sports venues to cheer for a favorite team or player; or to stay up all night just to wait for the result of an all important game. In short, the fans, the multitudes who scream and hound their sports heroes, are the physical manifestation of the most popular sports in the Philippines.

List of the most popular sports in the Philippines

Arranged alphabetically per nature of the sport (team or individual), the following are considered the most popular sports in the Philippines.

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Team sports

Individual sports



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