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The Molbogs believed as among the migrants from North Borneo are the inhabitants of Balabak Island, Palawan and in other islands of Palawan coast as far north as Panakan.The word Malubog means "murky or turbid water".

Referred as Molebugan or Molebuganori in the literature,Molbogs do a lot of farming, fishing, and occasional barter trading with the Sulu Bangsa Moro and nearby Sabah market centers as means of their subsistence.

Judging from their dialect and some socio-cultural practices, they seem to be related to the Orang Tidung or Tirum (Camucone in Spanish), an Islamized indigenous group native to the northeast coast of Sabah. However, some Sama words (of the Jama Mapun variant) and Tausug words are found in the Molbog dialect. This, plus a few characteristics of their socio-cultural life­style, distinguish them from the Orang Tidung.

Intermarriage occurred frequently between Tausug and the Molbog hastened the Islamization of the Molbog. The offsprings of these intermarriages are known as kolibugan or "half-breed". The Sulu sultanate political perphery was also formed from the unification of the Molbogs and Palawanon Muslims,since they were ruled by Sulu datus.