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Miguel Lino de Ezpeleta (1701 – 1771)[1] was the Bishop of Cebu from 18 July 1757 to 1771.[2] Born in Manila to Spanish parents, he was also appointed as acting Governor-General of the Philippines after the death of Governor-General Pedro Manuel de Arandia Santisteban in 1759.[3]


Ezpeleta was born in Manila in 1701.[4] He was appointed as Bishop of Cebu on 18 July 1757, and was ordained a year after by Manuel de Matos, OFM, the Bishop of Nueva Caceres.[5]

When Governor-General Santisteban died in 1759, Ezpeleta assumed the position of acting Governor-General.[6] Under normal circumstances, the Archbishop of Manila should assume the position while the royal government has yet to appoint a new Governor-General. However, because there was no Archbishop at that time, Ezpeleta, being the senior prelate of the archipelago at that time, assumed the position against the will of the Real Audiencia.[7] He wassupposed to end his term on 22 July 1759 when the new archbishop Manuel Rojo del Rio y Viera arrived, but he refused to step down.[8] He sought support from the Real Audiencia, of which two of four sided with him and the other two sided with Rojo.[9] They then brought the question to the Council of the Indies with prosecutor Francisco Leandro de Viana.[10]

During his administration as acting Governor-General, Ezpeleta tried to overturn the reforms and decrees introduced by Governor-General Santisteban.[11] He suppressed the armada commissioned by Santisteban to protect the Jesuit missionaries who were converting Muslims in Iligan Bay because the Augustinian Recollect missionaries in Cáraga and Butuan had filed a complaint that they were not getting protection.[12]

In July 1761, a royal decree from King Charles III ordered Ezpeleta to step down.[13] Ezpeleta then turned over the administration to Archbishop Rojo.[14]

Expeleta died in 1771.[15]


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